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Be mentally, emotionally, physically healthy; fit into your body the way you have always wanted

“…if we focused ‘optimum health’ being about our sanity, not vanity, then the world would be in a much healthier place”. Emma Jane Taylor

Emma-Jane is an expert in her industry, working closely with her clients to plan the best way forward to facilitate and support their journey to transform their life, both professionally and personally. By assessing her clients current level of performance through a 30 minute complimentary consultation, she will determine what is lacking and what is needed. Her bespoke plans and programmes are created because of her expert knowledge in the wellbeing industry alongside her CBT/NLP qualifications and personal life-story. She is a popular mentor across the world with clients in Europe, United Arab Emirates, USA and UK.

Emma-Jane is a highly qualified and sought after expert in the wellbeing industry, having gained many years (over 25) of experience and qualifications in this area. She has worked with many high-profile clients and her background as a professional dancer has meant she has lived & breathed dance and fitness since she could walk, literally!

Life could have been very different for Emma-Jane, many never thought she would survive the life she was living, some suggesting she may have ended up dead or in prison before she was 20 – thankfully neither! Those who did have faith in her will tell you today, she has turned her life around for the better, knowing all too well that it was only she that could make that change.

She has created a popular formula incorporating her passions; exercise, wellbeing, nature, the ocean/ river, people, the world and health. She calls this well-being (in every sense!) formula; “LIVING YOUR FRESH LIFE”. She says “Our bodies are incredible pieces of equipment, they work efficiently. But, when we fuel them with the finest fuels, and I mean that in every sense, then we will gain benefits we didn’t know we had; physically, mentally and emotionally”.

Did you know….

– she supports trainee fitness trainers through their qualifications as well as training them on ‘how to motivate their clients and how to set up their business’, once qualified.

– she launched the first Disco Shuffle in the UK >>>

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*Represented by Champion Speakers

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What people are saying…

“I do not have anything but praise for Emma-Jane, for the support and understanding she offers as an individual. My 12 sessions with Emma-Jane were transformational and I highly recommend her service! She is kind and encouraging. If you are looking for someone to inspire you, then Emma-Jane is the one!”

Nesha Gurung

“Emma Jane mentored me and other professionals in a group. The focus was positivity around mindset and change. It was a real wake-up call for me in many aspects of my life. Looking at all relationships around me I could see what works and what didn’t, allowing me to focus on what changes I needed and how I should focus my attitude around my professional and personal life. Great mentorship work for all those who need to discover what causes stagnation and what would drive them to develop and establish a more fulfilled and happier life and future. I recommend Emma-Jane to all those want to recover from a drama hardship or who experience stagnation and deadlock in their business and professional lives.”

Leo Mattheos

“I recently worked with Emma-Jane on her Positivity Course. It came at the right time for me. It encouraged me to be accountable for my actions and showed how people all have their own struggles in their own way. I think as a society we know that life has its challenges, and we sometimes forget that the little things are important. Emma-Jane has a way with words and with her determination and insightfulness she can find the right way to engage, encourage and inspire you. I would recommend working with Emma-Jane in this capacity as she is truly an Inspirational Mentor.”

Vickie Randall

“I could not recommend enough the ‘journey’ I undertook with Emma Jane. I truly believe that all of us should do the same. She is professional, caring, friendly and focused. It looks like she knew exactly what the problem was – and I am talking about the real one! She helped me discover parts of myself I didn’t even know existed or ever paid attention to. Her approach is simple, respectful and effective. Every session was a step towards the light at the end of tunnel and I actually felt the improvement when it was happening. The best part happened at the end of the ‘journey’ when a new ‘I’ started waking up every morning, much more focused and light-hearted. I can now enjoy every breath of oxygen than when I started the ‘journey’, and it is simply amazing. I did not know at all what to expect and it was simply…brilliant!”

Sergio Chiviri, France