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Emma-Jane Taylor is a fascinating keynote speaker for corporate events, private functions, and after-dinner talks.

Emma-Jane has first-hand experience of the topics she speaks on, making her engagements all the more authentic and powerful, and why she has become such a popular choice of keynote speaker. Motivated to help others by her own childhood trauma covered in her book Don’t Hold Back, a ground-breaking and revealing book that shares her deeply moving story. Her courageous journey to heal from the trauma of child abuse and abandonment to the confident, empowered woman she is today, has given her the tools to succeed and help others.

She left school being told she was a failure and has since found strength from her pain and now empowers others to live their life to the fullest. Believing that you need to energise your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing she founded The Works Company (2000) which encompasses all of the elements of her personal brand as an author, keynote speaker, content producer, well-being guru and mentor.

Emma-Jane became the face of The Well-Being show on That’s TV from 2014-2017, in 2018 she presented the Well-being show on Marlow FM Radio, and it was around this time she shared her personal story in various magazines and media outlets across the globe.  In 2019 she spoke at The House of Commons on behalf of Smart Works Reading, in 2020 The Sun headlined her story in the UK and in 2021 she was invited to be the keynote speaker for the NSPCC’s Celebrity Chef Fundraiser; her speech alone raised £22k.

More recently she was the keynote speaker at the Amazon Web Services, Newtown Europe and Invesco well-being day’sfocusing on how well-being links with performance.

Emma-Jane is not afraid to normalise many difficult and uncomfortable conversations, encouraging focused and challenging discussions to everyone she works with. Over the course of her career she has steered many people to be the best version of themselves and continues to be an ideal choice of speaker; whether you are looking to inspire your audience, motivate change in your business or empower your employees on their well-being journey.

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Emma-Jane Taylor is a fascinating keynote speaker for corporate events, private functions, and after-dinner talks.

What people are saying…

“I worked with Emma-Jane on a fundraising speech for one of NSPCC’s largest and highest profile fundraising events. From the outset, she showed commitment I’ve never seen before, or since, to getting it absolutely right. I could see, hear and feel how important it was to Emma-Jane to not just ensure that every single person in the room listened – but that they also donated money. She achieved both – it was a pin-drop moment of the event (which is not easy with hundreds of people at a dinner) and the NSPCC raised over the expected target for her speech.

Emma-Jane is one of the most professional yet humble people I have ever worked with. It is not easy for anyone with experience of abuse to talk about it, and it is never easy to listen to, but Emma-Jane helped everyone hear her words with grace and eloquence. If you need your audience to sit up and listen, even if it’s a difficult topic, Emma-Jane will be able to do it.”


“Emma-Jane is not afraid to normalise many difficult and uncomfortable conversations. Over the course of her career as a speaker and in business Emma-Jane has guided many clients including high profile celebrities to be the best version of themself. With over twenty-five years in business Emma-Jane is an ideal choice of speaker for any event; whether you are looking to inspire your audience, motivate change in your business or empower your employees on their well-being journey.

Emma-Jane is the next ‘Oprah’.”

Dave Reynolds

“I met Emma-Jane first when I heard her speak at the Media Hub, when she was talking about her book. Since then she has spoken at a couple of events and become our Ambassador for Smart Works Reading. She spoke at the House of Commons, Emma-Jane spoke clearly, with care and she was genuine with her approach and kept the audience engaged. Her message was relatable, friendly, authentic and insightful. She is a great speaker who comes across very well in all situations whether it be speaking with a small or large audience. I would highly recommend Emma-Jane”. 

Sarah Burns, MBE

“Author and motivational speaker Emma-Jane Taylor is courageous and unstoppable. She spoke about her book ‘’Don’t Hold Back’’ at the Media Hub in the autumn of 2018. Her moving and powerful personal story captivated the audience and even moved some members to tears. Emma-Jane speaks from the heart and is resilience personified. I would definitely recommend Emma-Jane Taylor as a guest speaker – she inspires everyone she meets and offers those encountering challenges in their lives hope.”

Sarah Parfitt, Media Hub Founder

“I have had the pleasure of being in the audience when Emma-Jane gave a motivational speech about the circumstances that led to her writing her book ‘Don’t Hold Back’. Her honesty and candour immediately make you feel at ease, even when she’s talking about tough times and difficult subject matter. As well as being a fantastic speaker, she is also passionate about listening to her audience and helping them to find their voice, just as she found hers. She is a five star speaker who manages to engage with any audience, anywhere.”

Julie Green

“I have had the pleasure of attending several of Emma-Jane’s events where she has spoken. She has that rare gift of being able to connect with her audience by exuding warmth, being very clear with what she wants to share and what key takeaways she wants you to take onboard and then add in her enthusiasm and passion and you feel, become and are part of a special experience.” 

Graham, Oxon

“Emma-Jane Taylor presented for us at the Madejski Stadium for the NatWest Venus Awards Thames Valley 2017. She is an amazing woman with an inspirational story. She is engaging, speaks clearly and is full of passion. She had all of our 300 guests engaged – you could have heard a pin drop. I would definitely recommend Emma-Jane. We had dozens of favourable comments about her presentation skills and I would definitely work with her again in the future.”

Tara Howard, Venus Awards, Bournemouth

“Emma-Jane worked for me in Las Vegas. She gave a brand presentation to an American TV panel that was thoughtful, energising, detailed, focused and delivered with passion. She works hard to ensure she has perfected her work. Her motivational skills within the group were fun and energising.”

Marina Shcherbinina, Bio-Extracts