Corporate Trainer

Emma-Jane’s presentations offer thought provoking conversations that raise awareness on various topics that are still considered taboo.

Behavioural change is a key part of an individual’s development and growth. In professional environments many employees cover their true emotions out of fear of being exposed; questioning their ability as an employee and jeopardising their job by showing their vulnerability. Something that needs addressing in all corporate worlds.

By understanding how we can bring resilience to our lives, we can better align our mental/emotional well-being. Many corporate environments would then flourish with better-focused employees, empowered by themselves.

Emma Jane creates bespoke corporate presentations specifically designed to support behavioural change in any remote working environment, as well as in face-to-face settings, ideal for today’s workplace reality. Each workshop allows employees to empower themselves in an increasingly disparate and remote workforce. Emma Jane’s workshops are a valuable source for businesses and employees. The investment of time creates an interaction, which supports the growth of individuals across the Globe.

*She also coaches small groups and 1-2-1’s on this subject.

Emma-Jane Taylor’s client list is extensive, more recently she has worked with Barclays Bank, Newton Europe, AWS, Invesco, VEEMA.

Do you need Corporate Training Support?

Emma Jane creates bespoke corporate presentations which are specifically designed to support behavioural change in any working environment.

What people are saying…

“Emma Jane was an inspiring speaker who understood our requirements and well-being challenges and threaded the messaged through her own inspiring story.”

Pritha, Newton Europe

“Emma-Jane was great working with my team. She quickly bonded with the team and challenged us, helping us think in different ways. I really loved the session around appreciation. Something that can make a huge difference in these current (online) times.”

Peter Clark, Business Banking Regional Manager

“Emma Jane touched on very real topics that absolutely resonated with the audience, resulting in a very thought-provoking session. It was an open, honest and interactive 45 minutes, and I certainly came away with food for thought. The meeting had an excellent vibe to it, was interesting and perhaps even cathartic in some instances. Emma Jane’s determination to push on, build her business and help others was really inspiring.”

Hannah Hodgson, Invesco