The Real Silence’, is a magazine that I refer to as “the hidden news

We often see media articles written about perpetrators, and I am sick of this! Rarely do we hear about the victims left behind, struggling to survive from the horrors of what happened to them as innocent children. This HAS to change – so I decided to stop moaning about it, and do something.

The Real Silence Magazine

Over the years I have come to realise that what is seriously lacking in the media is accurate commentary on the reality of child sex abuse. A Hidden Silence.

The Real Silence shares the realities of the conversations of child sexual abuse from the survivors POV, non-survivors/their families, therapists, lawyers, medical professions & journalists. Child Sexual Abuse is not a pretty read, but nor is being sexually abused as a child.

If you would like to join the ‘team’ working with me on this publication, please do get in touch via my contacts page. Thank you to Michelle, Jonathan and Caroline who have already joined and making a difference.

Thank you to Matt Hoy for giving The Real Silence full permission to use Happy as our title song. The full version can be found here

The Real Silence

The Real Silence was founded in October 2022 by Emma-Jane Taylor, an advocate for survivors of child sex abuse.

The RS shares ‘the hidden news‘, offering a media platform for survivors of child sex abuse, the voices who are often forgotten & shouldn’t be! You will find great tips and advice from survivors, allies and charities in each edition.

Our first edition featured Journalist, Sonia Poulton. Sonia is a game changer in the media world on this conversation, and we for one couldn’t be more grateful for her relentless fight. We are also proud to share great advice from Lawyer Dino Nocivelli, Maggie Oliver, Dr Sophie King-Hill, Dr Sabena Jameel and Therapist, Sally Baker. Actor, Stuart Antony (Eastenders) also joined us to share his real-life story, as does Rene Michele.

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