Emma-Jane’s Blog

Emma-Jane often writes and expands on her personal journey in blogs. She finds blogging a useful tool that not only supports her work but also provides encouragement for others.

Child Sex Abuse Happens Daily

Child sex abuse happens every day, every second! Every day I read stories of children being abused and violated online. Today as I write this, I am reading about [...]

The Survivors Must Come First

Survivors must come first, to protect the future of children across the world. My work is dedicated to raising the important issue of child sex abuse. Of huge importance [...]

My scars became my Success!

My scars became my Success! I may be a confident woman who faces fear and adversity head-on and I may be a woman in business who has written [...]

Is therapy a good thing?

Is therapy a good thing? I didn’t see the point in having a psychiatrist at 13 years old - I mean I was ok, wasn’t I? As a [...]

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