#notmyshame Official Merchandise

#notmyshame Official Merchandise

Why shouldn’t I wear a t-shirt that exposes someone else’s secret? Like millions of others, I’ve harboured someone else’s secret for most of my life. I do understand why I did so, but now I don’t want to. Quite simple really. It is not my shame.

I am proud to share my new range, empowering survivors, turning the volume up on a very difficult conversation, that for the best part of my life has been kept in the dark. If you feel uncomfortable about this range, then I would love to know why, let’s chat.

We see many great causes emblazoned across merchandise across the world, but nothing on child sexual abuse. It’s like every other cause means something and the conversation of child sexual abuse doesn’t. Of course, I am certain it has more to do with the fact that no-one really wants to have this uncomfortable conversation.

Wearing a tee-shirt that shares the silence of child sexual abuse, is not comfortable. But I know wearing it has given me confidence, opened up more conversations and allowed more awareness around the work I do, my campaigning and the importance of lifting the lid on the stigma of this conversation.
I decided to launch this range as a fund-raiser for Project 90/10, a new charity doing great work in raising awareness, education and protection, I want survivors and supporters to wear their merchandise with confidence, and without shame.

Save the date:

On 1st May 2024 #notmyshame is marking a joint 1st anniversary celebration with Project 90/10 to raise the roof on this conversation (#notmyshame) around the world – if you have subscribed to my newsletters you will be kept up to date on the progress of this and other dates/ events happening around the world.

The OFFICIAL #notmyshame merchandise range

#notmyshame Stainless Steel Water Bottle

#notmyshame Tough Phone Case for iPhone

#notmyshame Mug

#nottheirshame Tote Bag

#notmyshame Unisex Hoodie

#nottheirshame Unisex Hoodie

#notmyshame Unisex Long Sleeved Tee

#nottheirshame Unisex Long Sleeved Tee

#notmyshame Offical Mens Tee

Offical Project 90/10 Tee

#nottheirshame Unisex Tee

#notmyshame Womens Tee

Project 90/10 Pin Badges


The official range of #notmyshame products are currently only produced on white backgrounds. We have no affiliation to the ‘other’ sites selling these products. They do NOT APPEAR to be charitable in anyway. Our products are official merchandise for Project 90/10.