#notmyshame Official Merchandise

Official Merchandise #NotMyShame

Why shouldn’t I wear a tee shirt that exposes someone else’s secret? Like millions of others around the world, I’ve harboured someone else’s secret for most of my life. I do understand why I did so, but now I don’t want to. Quite simple really. It is NotMyShame, and never has been. That shame and secret of CSA belongs to the perpetrators. Fact.

I am proud to share my new range, empowering survivors, turning the volume up on a very difficult conversation that for the best part of my life has been kept in the dark. The tee shirts are not for everyone so if you would prefer to not wear a tee, that is fine – you can just us the hashtag #NotMyShame until you feel you are ready to explore more conversation on this. There are no rights or wrongs, everyone must do what they feel comfortable with.

When I began this journey there were things that bothered me, including seeing many great causes emblazoned across merchandise across the world, but nothing on child sexual abuse? It felt like every other cause meant something, yet the conversation of child sexual abuse didn’t. Of course, I am certain it has more to do with the fact that no-one really wants to have this uncomfortable conversation, but until we do then little changes.

When I realised how big the tee-shirt campaign was getting, I knew this would be a useful resource for Project 90/10, as mentioned in my interview with Nana Akua on GB News (see below). The campaign / charity are an eco-system for the conversation of CSA, and I want survivors and supporters to wear their merchandise with the confidence they deserve to; with NO shame.

*Interview with Nana Akua, GB News. Supported by our NMS actor Charlie Lawson who has been very active in supporting the movement as an ambassador for the conversation….and to think, I used to watch him on Corrie!

Save the date:

On the 1st May 2024 the NotMyShame global movement will mark the power of authentic voices from around the world, turning the tables on the silence and shame facing the world on the conversation of Child Sexual Abuse. We invite everyone to take part, making this a Global Awareness Day to impact the wider conversations and future of protecting children, and supporting survivors. I will be doing anything I can to raise awareness…..

The day starts around 10am and will make it’s way around the world, we hope reaching everyone!

To recognise the day we are wearing ribbon pin badges, all now available here >>> there will also be a minute silence to mark the devastation that this conversation causes.

For a full round up of global news visit the website here

The OFFICIAL #notmyshame merchandise range as seen at the United Nations, 2023

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#nottheirshame Unisex Hoodie

#notmyshame Unisex Long Sleeved Tee

#nottheirshame Unisex Long Sleeved Tee

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Project 90/10 Pin Badges (5 in pack)


The official range of #notmyshame products are currently only produced on white backgrounds. We have no affiliation to the ‘other’ sites selling these products. They do NOT APPEAR to be charitable in anyway. Our products are official merchandise for Project 90/10.