About Emma-Jane Taylor

She regularly challenges difficult ‘conversations’

As a child Emma-Jane was told she was a failure, the girl going nowhere; she had a juvenile delinquent badge slapped on her when she was 13 by a psychiatrist. Being labelled at an early age came with difficulties, leading to most people believing she would be dead or in prison by the time she was 20 – although for many the resultant mental trauma from child sexual abuse is prison enough. She is the Founder of StageWorks Performing Arts School and NutritiousWorks; a series of lifestyle businesses for children and adults founded in 2000. She found her personal and professional success in her late teens/ early twenties through many years of therapy. Her businesses were created from her passions; fitness/well-being, dance, performing arts, nature, wild-swimming & writing; dancing and fitness have run through her veins since she was born. She organically became a Campaigner, Speaker, Presenter, and Author on the subject of Child Sexual Abuse; having never set out believing she would ever speak up about her life.

Her debut book, Don’t Hold Back, a motivational self-help book, was published in 2018. Don’t Hold Back was written to encourage her readers to find their voice, and in doing so, to help others process the difficulties of CSA, rejection & abandonment. Don’t Hold Back is based on her own story and highlights how she changed her life around to become the successful woman she is today.

By sharing her personal story of trauma and how trauma responses controlled her life; from bulimia to alcohol, to drugs and behaviours such as maladaptive daydreaming, abreactions, dissociation, Emma-Jane has been able to support many people, including corporate environments with her Behavioural Change programmes; something she sees as a very important part of any professional environment.

In 2023 her charity, Project 90-10 was founded as was the NotMyShame campaign – which has fast become a global movement – not something she ever set out to start!

Her focus is to live in a world where people are heard because of who they are, and not what society wants them to be.

She is described by others as ‘a fascinating speaker who you must see once”. She is represented by Champion Speakers and seen as speaker on International Womans Day website.

Emma-Jane’s Professional Qualifications

  • CBT: Level 3

  • NLP Practitioner

  • NLP Masters Practitioner

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor (City & Guilds)

  • Functional Training

  • Member of REPS & REPS insured 

  • Aerobics RSA Exercise to Music Instructor

  • INSANITY instructor

  • Core & Circuit Instructor

  • P90x Instructor

  • YMCA trained Step Instructor

  • ACSM Certified

  • CPD

  • First Aid (Red Cross)

Emma Jane Taylor is also a Member of the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT), UK Fitness Pro, DBS Enhanced Checked, Safe-Guarding trained, Chaperone Licensed, and of course a keen member of the University of Life!

Emma-Jane Taylor’s Recent Achievements

Charity Champion Award Winner

I am proud to have won the Henley Herald’s Charity Champion award 2022, for my dedication and advocacy.

Recognised at the United Nations

Publicity peace ambassador Kimberley Klezcka, recognised EJT in her speech at the United Nations “as a woman who strives to make the world a better place”.

For the NSPCC

Emma-Jane Taylor was the Key Speaker at The NSPCC’s annual fundraiser in 2021. Her speech at The Celebrity Chef’s Dinner raised an incredible amount of money for their charity.

Grazia Magazine

Emma-Jane commented on the Bill Cosby case in Grazia Magazine.

Interviewed by Netflix’s Raphael Rowe

Raphael Rowe (Netflix) interviewed Emma-Jane about her life story on this podcast, Second Chance, 2021

The Sun Newspaper

In 2020, The Sun newspaper headlined Emma-Jane’s story

Received Queen’s Award

In 2019 she spoke at The House of Commons to celebrate Smart Works 5th Birthday and she also received a Queens Award for her role as their Ambassador

Published her first book

In 2018 her Debut Book, Don’t Hold Back was published. Now available on Amazon.

Headlined Venus Business Magazine

She was headlined on the front cover of The Venus Business Magazine and co-hosted their annual awards at The Madejski Stadium.

Regularly contributes articles

Emma-Jane is often featured and happy to contribute to articles about Well-being, Child Sexual Abuse and her personal story.