My scars became my Success!

I may be a confident woman who faces fear and adversity head-on and I may be a woman in business who has written a very raw debut book of my traumatic start in life, but I can assure you I am also a woman who has had to work very hard to be able to say all of that!

No-one can see our mental and emotional scars or the battles we have fought, every single one of us is on our own journey, and through our journey’s and understanding, we can learn to support, care and listen to other people in our life. This unites us.

I am certain you have had your fair share of battles and pain to cope with. Emotional and mental scars are tough, they have been created by life and it takes time to learn how to use this pain to find your success.

It took me some 30 years to get through my pain and find my purpose. My scars are now worn with pride, they are part of who I am, my scars are part of my success. I know the importance of sharing and closing the gap of pain to help others feel confident and supported.

I never thought I would write a book or speak out publicly, but now I have I see the importance of doing so, and I see how this benefits others going through their difficult times. My life has expanded through my truth. My connections are opening new doors. It all helps others feel less lonely.

How we get through our painful times are very subjective. We are all very different and what works for one may not work for another, so we have to work out what our journey might be –  maybe this is a good time to talk to someone if you can, but choose your steps wisely, and with care.

I now know how to focus my trigger moments because I have faced my pain and found my purpose, but occasionally these triggers still surprise me. I have found my path, my truth, my honesty and my future. I have embraced my pain, the nightmares, the fear of being hurt or rejected. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, some days I was physically sick with drugs, alcohol and nerves and I couldn’t focus….but I survived and so will you. Trust me, I am a survivor.

None of us are alone, someone somewhere is always willing to listen, lean in and show empathy.

Me for one.